Do’s and Don’ts of Disability: The Basics!

Here is a general guide to new people to the community from first-hand accounts! Disclaimer: These are not universal and every disability/individual is unique! It doesn’t hurt to ask questions; CW/TW: ableism.

Scared to Take the COVID-19 Vaccine?

There have been rampant conspiracy theories, doubts, and fear about taking the COVID-19 vaccine. There are doubts, unknown information, and speculation as to whether or not it is even worth taking. But before you let fear get the best of you, here are the reasons why you need to take the vaccine–if you can–and some myths debunked.


A collaborative break-up piece by friend, Joseph Volpe and I!

Confused about COVID-19 safety? Here are some tips to help!

Edited and fact-checked by Mark BrunoShareable Twitter ThreadScreen reader friendly version below: Confused about safety during COVID-19? Here are the basics! Resources for this infographic WHO (World Health Organization) Local Health Departments Stay home, wash your hands, stay 6 feet apart, and wear a mask You can do necessities: Groceries/food Post office You canContinue reading “Confused about COVID-19 safety? Here are some tips to help!”

Amaru: self-love through gaming with a virtual companion

While scrolling casually through Twitter, I came across a Kickstarter campaign talking about a Amaru: The Self-Care Virtual Pet and was immediately intrigued. Like most Tweeters, I’m an animal-lover, so I clicked. Amidst the global COVID-19 pandemic, the game company, Six Wing Studios, developed the game in the hopes of helping those with mental healthContinue reading “Amaru: self-love through gaming with a virtual companion”

Who You Are

You are not your body. You are your perseverance. You are not your ignorance. You are your strive to learn. You are not your work. You are what you try. You are not your income. You are your self-worth. You are not your vanity. You are how you perceive others. You are not beneath anyone.Continue reading “Who You Are”

The Beauty of Sign

There’s something a little more special and a little more warm about sign language. Languages spoken around the world involve the culture of the people that speak it. Slang terms, greetings, short-hand, and more can be affiliated with certain groups of people. There’s the way that Italians — like myself — will flail their handsContinue reading “The Beauty of Sign”

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