Confused about COVID-19 safety? Here are some tips to help!

Edited and fact-checked by Mark Bruno
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Screen reader friendly version below:

  1. Confused about safety during COVID-19?
    1. Here are the basics!
    2. Resources for this infographic
      2. WHO (World Health Organization)
      3. Local Health Departments
  2. Stay home, wash your hands, stay 6 feet apart, and wear a mask
    1. You can do necessities:
      1. Groceries/food
      2. Post office
    2. You can do wants, but know the following are high risk no matter what:
      1. Hair/nail salons
      2. Tattoos
      3. Gym
      4. Bars
      5. Public transportation
      6. Indoor dining
    3. Regarding school or work: opt for remote if possible
    4. Be careful by wearing a mask and staying apart; ask the store what their safety policies are ahead of time.
  3. Who wears a mask?
    1. In short, everyone!
    2. At minimum: cloth
    3. Surgical and N95s are better
    4. Don’t use a vent; it’s now known to be airborne!
  4. How to wear a mask?
    1. Over nose and under chin
    2. Don’t touch the mask; wash hands if you do
    3. Pinch metal over nose
    4. If you have a cloth mask, a bread twist tie or pipe cleaner works!
  5. When to wear a mask?
    1. Around people you don’t live with!
    2. COVID spreads with more than 8 mins within 6 feet (2 arms’ length)
  6. But masks are uncomfortable!
    1. Wearing a mask does not hinder your oxygen levels in your blood!
    2. Use a piece of cloth with two buttons and attach mask to that so it’s not bothering your ears
  7. Why should I? I’m not sick.
    1. Many people have been shown to be asymptomatic.
    2. People have been known to be positive for up to two months after infection.
    3. There’s many reasons why healthy-appearing people should wear masks:
      1. Elderly (over 65) loved-ones are susceptible
      2. People with pre-existing conditions are susceptible:
        1. Obese
        2. Diabetes
        3. Pregnancy
        4. Heart problems
        5. Strokes/clots
        6. Chronic illness 
        7. Cancer
        8. Asthma/COPD
        9. HIV
        10. Smoker
  8. What about that wedding/birthday/family party this week?
    1. If you don’t have to go, don’t.
    2. If you absolutely need to:
      1. Keep it under the required number as per your local laws, preferably under 50.
      2. Have it outside; circulating air indoors can spread the virus more easily.
      3. Everyone wears masks if within 6 feet.
      4. Spread out the tables; group people together that live with each other or have similar living situations and risk.
      5. Don’t share food or drinks; have individual snack bags instead of food, disposable dinnerware
  9. Take away: Stay Home, Wear a Mask
    1. Think about the people in your life at risk.
    2. Think about the people in your life who have family or other friends at risk.
    3. Think about other people.
    4. Please share and leave questions in the comments!
  10. Thank you for reading and stay safe!
    1. Info about me
      1. @nickdelos
      3. MPH candidate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

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